Wanna Get Away?

Hey there Terriers,

So I don’t know about you, but I’m not really looking forward to waking up early tomorrow for some solid -20 degree windchills. It’s that point in the winter where we all just want to get away from the cold… Oh spring break, you coming anytime soon?

March might be a few months and a few midterms away, but I’ve got some good news: Alternative Spring Break registration is just around the corner! Thanks to the Community Service Center, we’ve all got a little something to look forward to.


On January 30th at 8am the online registration process will begin and I know you’re all dying to get a good spot. With volunteer opportunities in places like Arizona, Florida and even Puerto Rico, I don’t see how ASB could disappoint.

For full information, head on over to the official website, available HERE!

Keep being you, BU, and please don’t freeze.


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