On the first day of BU, Student Health Services gave to me…

…super cheap massages!

Terriers, as finals stress looms I’m sure we’re all feeling a little more tense than usual. Did you guys know that Student Health offers awesome massages at cheap prices?

An excellent way to relieve some stress...

An excellent way to relieve some stress...

If you’ve got as much work as I do, I’m sure you could use some relaxation! Here’s the info – massages are only $40 each! What an excellent holiday gift to yourself, huh Terriers?

By the way, keep an eye on this blog! (I’m sure you do already, though, am I right guys?) For the next 12 days, I, along with my fellow bloggers, will be bringing you the 12 Days of BU! Expect fun tips, stress relieving ideas, or suggestions of gifts YOU can buy US for the holidays! (Joking. Kind of.)

Now go get those massages!

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