Swag and Scoozi: Foursquare Meetup Tonight!

Things that are great about Boston in the spring: the esplanade, the BU beach, and Scoozi’s patio. If you haven’t had a chance to join one of the former, meet up tonight at Scoozi in Kenmore Square to check in with foursquare! Ray, a rep from NYC, is stopping by to meet up with student users at 6:30. And for a little more incentive, with Ray comes swag.

So while you’re checking in at the Citgo Sign on your way to earning the new Beantown foursquare badge, drop by Scoozi to check in and meet up, all the while grabbing some sweet swag (and sangria – hey, it’s the season).

Look at that beauty.

Look at that beauty.

See you tonight BU!


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