Monthly Archives: May 2011

Numbers, Mission, and Losing Our Life for the Sake of the Gospel

My adviser, Dana Robert, and I recently wrote an article (which is available for free online – check it out) comparing growth rates of United Methodism to related denominations around the world.  We conclude that United Methodism is often growing slower than related denominations, and that this indicates a problem.  We suggest some possible explanations […]

a postmodern lecture

I agreed to give a lecture on postmodernity for the class I TA last week.  But as I was planning this lecture, I thought it would be not very postmodern and more than a little boring of me to just stand and talk about postmodernity.  So instead, I designed a participatory lecture.  I wrote down […]

Global Christianity and (post)modernity

Last week, I wrote a post discussing the southward shift in Christianity, also referred to as the rise of Global Christianity.  Since I talk a lot about modernity, postmodernity, and whatnot in this blog, an obvious question might be how the rise of Global Christianity relates to these historical eras.  The class I’ve been TAing […]