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New Frontiers Await

When I chose “Posts from the Frontier” as the title for this blog, it indicated my desire to use the blog to explore leading-edge issues in Christianity and American culture on the chronological frontier between the present and the future.  Nevertheless, in recent weeks, when I’ve found myself thinking about the future, I’ve thought much […]

Postmodern interlude: Choose-your-own-adventure history

I’m interrupting (because that’s what one does in postmodernism) my thread of posts on United Methodist unity to relate an idea from a conversation I had with my girlfriend Allie. We were talking about my dissertation, and I was asking her if she thought it was okay that my chapters overlapped somewhat in their content.  […]

The Art of Writing a Prospectus

As any of you who have ever been in school know, there’s a lot of bad academic writing out there.  Academic writers can often be wordy, unclear, dry, or obtuse.  They frequently use too much jargon and usually lack storytelling skills.  Having suffered through reading at least my fair share of such writing, I have […]