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Three questions about church growth for the UMC

On Monday of this week, I was privileged to have a unique opportunity.  My advisor, Dr. Dana L. Robert, and I made a presentation to the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM) of The United Methodist Church at the annual meeting of their board of directors.  This was a great experience: I was honored by […]

Bind Us Together, Lord

In the old hymn, Christians petition God to “bind us together with cords that cannot be broken”.  The song then goes on to ask God to “bind us together with love”.  It is a worthwhile question for Christians to ask ourselves what the nature is of the cords that bind us together.  This question is […]

What we can learn from Koreans (and other non-Western Christians)

My last several posts have dealt with the relationship between American and non-Western Christianies, and this post will conclude that vein of posts for a while.  In it, I’d like to reflect on some things that American Christians can learn from non-Western Christians. When most people talk about things we can learn from non-Western Christians, […]

The US of A and All of Us

Last week, I wrote about the extent to which postmodernity was a Western phenomenon, and the post before that, I wrote about the numbers problem in The United Methodist Church.  This week’s post sort of combines those two thoughts. As acknowledged, The United Methodist Church has some problems – problems with membership numbers, finances, structures, […]

Global Christianity and (post)modernity

Last week, I wrote a post discussing the southward shift in Christianity, also referred to as the rise of Global Christianity.  Since I talk a lot about modernity, postmodernity, and whatnot in this blog, an obvious question might be how the rise of Global Christianity relates to these historical eras.  The class I’ve been TAing […]

The southward shift in Christianity

I gave a lecture yesterday in the class for which I’m a teaching assistant on the southern shift of Christianity.  I’m now mining that for two blog posts – this one describing the shift southward and another soon to come one on how that relates to modernity and postmodernity. For those of you who aren’t […]