Am I finally Famous? Interview in La VANGUARDIA March 10 2018

I was interviewed and photographed for Barcelona’s major newspaper, LA VANGUARDIA, and the results appeared on Saturday, March 10 on the La Contra page, which is the most widely read part of that paper since it is on the last page and tries to be controversial. Because it is published in Catalan (a language spoken in Spain), it only paraphrases what I said. It seems to reflect what I said very well, which was mostly about healthcare in the US and Spain and Obamacare. The only error is in saying I earned my PhD from Harvard instead of MIT.

I have had more complements about this article than any of my others (in US, Australian, Colombian, Icelandic, French, German, and Danish). Perhaps because the Catalans really like their newspapers!

I especially like the picture!

Below are the links.

Use this link to view it in (imperfect) English using Google Translator.







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