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Favorite blogs about COVID-19

I have not talked or written about COVID-19 much recently, although it is still clearly a very big topic.


The following links, many of which some of you may have already shared, provide a useful background about COVID-19.


From BU SPH, on 2021-12-2 where a BU infectious disease expert talks about the new Omicron variant. (2 minutes)


From Yale School of Medicine, the best Youtube video explaining the biology of how COVID works. 8 minutes. COVID 19 an illustrated scientific summary. Well worth if if you have ever taken a biology class.

Video showing how the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is manufactured, tested and distributed, showing the complexity of massively increasing the scale of production. Sadly the NYT took down the audio for nonsubscribers… Pfizer vaccine production is now at the rate of 2.5 billion doses per year.


Ellis Blog 2021-1-1 and JAMA article 2021-3-17 comparing the effectiveness of the US three approved various vaccine types.

2021-3-19 Ellis blog Risk of dying from an allergic reaction from receiving a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine for COVID-19 is lower than the risk of being hit and dying from lightning, JAMA study shows.


2020-5-7 Obesity is the hidden explanation for why COVID-19 is so much worse in the US than in many other countries.

2021-3-2 Yes, even rich white people in the US get bad health care. JAMA study

2021-3-14 Ellis blog Humor about a masked dog