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“Make your life easy” PowerShell scripts

By Gene Laisne

“Make your life easy” PowerShell scripts


Some advanced PowerShell



Windows 8

By Gene Laisne

Microsoft started a blog for the Engineers of Windows 8. So, if you have any ideas for Windows, let them know.




Great stuff!

By Gene Laisne



Windows Server 2008 SP1 and Windows Vista SP1 now UNSUPPORTED
How to add comment for a GPO with PowerShell
Microsoft Shares Video Tour of its Cloud Datacenters


SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 Now Available On Microsoft Update
Updates: Process Explorer v15.01 and TCPView v3.05


Use PowerShell to Troubleshoot Software Installation
Parse Windows Trace Logs by Using PowerShell
Use Date Types to Filter Event Trace Logs in PowerShell
PowerShell Deep Dive @ The Experts Conference Europe 2011
Use ScriptCop to Help Write Better PowerShell Scripts  
Create and Parse Performance Monitor Logs with PowerShell 
Use Performance Counter Sets and PowerShell to Ease Baselining  
Capture Performance Counter Data and Write to SQL Server  
Import Counters from a Perfmon Chart into PowerShell  
Use PowerShell to Monitor Your SQL Server Performance  
Create a Simple Graphical Interface for a PowerShell Script  
Secrets to Building a WPF Application in Windows PowerShell


With only 1000 days left of extended support, don’t you think it’s time to retire Windows XP?

 Office Applications  

Connect your notes to SkyDrive with the updated Microsoft OneNote app for iPhone, available today  

Office Powerpoint  
More new, free SmartArt graphics: Hexagon Radial and Picture Frame
 Add artistic effects to your slide presentation (video)
The right SmartArt graphics for the job

Office Resource Kit  
Important information for Access 2010 64-bit customers regarding Office 2010 SP1 

Office Sustained Engineering  
Office Binary File Format Validation Tool Available 


** Build your own book of TechNet articles  


Defense in Depth: Locking Down Mash-Ups with HTML5 Sandbox
Container Pretty Printer - Advanced STL, Part 6
How we used HTML5 to make SkyDrive fast for millions of people
GoingNative: a New Channel 9 Show Dedicated to Native Development
Developing Windows Applications in C++ (Articles Series)


App-V Application Virtualzation  Website | RSS Feed
Clients encounter error code xxxxxx0A-200001CD when streaming RTSPS in Microsoft App-V 
Now available for download: Hotfix Package 3 for Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 Service Pack 1: July 2011  

Future events such as these will occur in... the FUTRE

Buy now or wait for a sale? Let the computer decide.



PowerShell, Free XBOX and a Core blog.

By Gene Laisne


Great video tutorial (MS 400 level) for PowerShell 2.0. Highlights what's new, Shows how to create GUIs easlily... Advanced Automation Using Windows PowerShell 2.0

Hey Scripting Guys
Create and Use Default Values in PowerShell Scripts  - 21-May-2011
Design Your PowerShell Functions to Be Reusable  - 20-May-2011
Create Custom Objects in Your PowerShell Script  - 19-May-2011
Real-World PowerShell Tips from a 2011 Scripting Games Winner  - 18-May-2011
Writing Output with PowerShell  - 17-May-2011
Add Excellent Comments to Your PowerShell Script  - 16-May-2011
Use PowerShell to Data Mine Your Outlook Sent Items - 25-May-2011 - As a note, having written some Outlook code myself. This script runs against Outlook, NOT Exchange or even Outlook as a "window" to Exchange. Just Outlook. 😉

Windows Powershell  Website | RSS Feed
Download the Updated Core Help CHM  - 16-May-2011


How to get a free XBOX

Capture and Analyze Network Traffic with Internet Explorer 9


Two Minute Drill–Launch a task on a recorded event - This is a great little way to spawn a task when an event occurs on a Windows Vista (or better) system.

Ask the Core Team - This is the Microsoft Windows Core Team. From a cursory overview, looks like lots of good posts on things core server technologies.

Some of their posts:
Sysprep, SkipRearm, and Image Build Best Practices
Customizing Default users profile using CopyProfile
How To: Customize the Windows 7 Start Menu and Taskbar Using unattend.xml


Office Access  Website | RSS Feed
Power Tip: Managing Access Add-ins with a SurfaceController  - 20-May-2011
Office 2010 SP1 on track for late June  - 17-May-2011

Office Excel and Excel Services  Website | RSS Feed
Avoid losing the state of the global IRibbonUI ribbon object  - 19-May-2011
Make your data pop with conditional formatting  - 17-May-2011

Office Powerpoint  Website | RSS Feed
Create sexy curved lines in your slides (video)  - 18-May-2011
Create rich media-based presentations with Producer (it's free!)  - 16-May-2011

Office Sustained Engineering  Website | RSS Feed
Announcing Service Pack 1 for Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010  - 16-May-2011

Office Word  Website | RSS Feed
Figuring out figures - Part 1  - 19-May-2011
An image, a diagram, and a chart meet in a document…  - 16-May-2011



More support and admin links

By Gene Laisne

New KB articles released for January and February  

Some PowerShell videos that are very helpful
Fromatting in PowerShell
PowerShell Profiles
Beyond basic scripting

Preparing your site for IE9

Save 40% on Books from Microsoft Press Now through April 6, 2011

Office Applications  

Office Excel and Excel Services  
America's debt: Get the facts!  - 17-Mar-2011
Try it for free: Count values that meet a condition with the COUNTIF function  

Office Outlook videos and articles help you master Outlook 2010  - 18-Mar-2011

Office Powerpoint  
How to use STAMP: The Subtitling Text Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010  
Transform your class presentation with video and images: A 5-minute makeover (video)  

Office Sustained Engineering  
Blocking ActiveX Controls from Loading in Microsoft Office  

Office Word  
New 2011 calendar templates for Word 2010  

Updates: Process Explorer v14.1, VMMap v3.03, ProcDump v3.03, and Zero Day is now Available! 

Scripting Hey Scripting Guys
Scripting Wife Uses PowerShell to Get Days Until NCAA Final Four 
Use PowerShell to Detect if a Workstation Is in Use 
Use PowerShell to Document Exchange Server Prior to Upgrade 
Use PowerShell to Determine Fragmentation of Your Drive 
Change Drive Letters and Labels via a Simple PowerShell Command 

Interesting new downloads
Getting started with Outlook 2010
Getting Started with Microsoft Word 2010
Getting Started with Microsoft OneNote 2010
Getting Started with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010