Challenge #1

Give Yourself a Breakfast Boost

You probably hear all the time that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – but it’s the truth! Starting your day off right with a healthy breakfast gives your body the energy and fuel it needs to perform well during your busy day.

Omitting breakfast does not lead to weight loss. In fact, it likely does the opposite. Research conducted by the Harvard Medical School reveals that people who eat breakfast are a third less likely to be obese than those who don’t eat breakfast. Additionally, breakfast-eaters are half as likely to develop blood-sugar problems. By eating breakfast, you decrease your chances of becoming overly hungry during the rest of the day, and therefore decrease your chances of overeating in later hours.

So what should a healthy breakfast include? A balanced breakfast should contain protein (low fat meats, beans, eggs or soy) and fiber (whole grains, vegetables or fruits) to keep you satisfied until lunchtime. Avoid sugary cereals, white breads and pastries which are digested quickly and will leave you feeling hungry. Also, beware of high-calorie muffins (go for a Sargent Choice muffin instead!).

Try these suggestions for quick and healthy breakfasts you can easily incorporate into your daily routine:

  • Low-fat yogurt sprinkled with low-fat granola and fruit
  • Oatmeal with low-fat or fat-free milk and an apple
  • Whole-wheat toast with a thin spread of low-fat peanut butter
  • Low-sugar cereal with sliced banana and an orange
  • Fruit smoothie made with frozen fruit, low-fat yogurt and juice

To win this week’s raffle: Upload a picture of your breakfast or post a comment to Sargent College’s Facebook page & tell us what your healthy breakfast was. Each person who posts will be entered into the raffle to win this week’s prize!