Whistler in the Dark offering $10 tix for its opening this Thursday

The Europeans, presented by Whistler in the Dark Theater.

Opening this Thursday. Friend the theater on Facebook, and use the code “Alliance” at the online box office for the opening this Thursday (2.10).

Okay, full disclosure: Whistler gave one of my full-length plays a staged reading last year, but I’m not promoting them because I feel I “owe” them. I was honored, even flabbergasted that they accepted one of my plays. I have seen some of the most memorable theater from this company at the friendly, funky Factory Theater in the South End. A production I saw of One Flea Spare was riveting, as was Family Stories and the beautifully conceived Tales of Ovid.

I strongly urge you to check them out and get acquainted with one of the hottest theater companies in Boston.

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