Whistler in the Dark’s The Europeans

I know I keep tooting Whistler’s horn, but I think it’s important to buy local and support your local theaters. Whistler is one that keeps putting on some real thought-provoking and intriguing theater.

Their (its?) current production is Howard Barker’s The Europeans. Here’s a review. I saw it this past week. It is an amazingly thought-inducing production. The story is built on a single historic event, but the unfolding is multi-layered as you watch a society that has the chance to rebuild itself into whatever it chooses. It’s at the Factory Theater in the South End (not South Boston/Southie, to those not familiar with Boston,) which in itself makes it wonderfully intimate: The actors can actually whisper and you can hear them, a small facial movement speaks volumes. Like the review says, some fog and a couple of rough-hewn benches can go a long way.

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