Thomas Garvey and his Hub Review blog

If you’re interested in what’s going on in the arts in Boston, this guy and his blog, The Hub Review, is a must-read. It’s not that you’re always going to agree with him, or that he’s always right, it’s that he is one of the most intelligent, knowledgeable, and prolific critics in Boston.

I always read him with a bit of trepidation because he doesn’t hold back, and I realize that someday he may be writing about my work. That makes me nervous. He really makes me think of the critics role in all this that we do, and on one hand I want to say, Who asked you? On the other hand, after having worked as a columnist for a newspaper (full disclosure: freelance) I want to say I fully understand the desire and the drive to write about something you passionately care about.

Who is he? From his blog:

A local reviewer for several years, I was cast from my perch at the Boston Globe some years ago, but have yet to find another print haven (and probably won’t, as they’re vanishing fast). In the meantime, I simply couldn’t keep quiet about the state of Boston culture (also, I missed the free tickets). This town needs a smart, unfettered critic who’s not interested in tossing softballs to the suburbs (or the academy), and I guess I’m just dumb enough to take the job. You can reach me with invites, praise, screeds, etc., at hubreview

Check him out.

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