Huntington to Produce Two Local Playwrights Next Season

The lede to the story says it all:

“In the American theater, one quest is eternal: the pursuit of the hot young playwright of the moment, the sort with a freshly minted MFA from Yale or Brown or NYU, living in Brooklyn or on the Lower East Side.”

But next season, the Huntington will produce two local playwrights: Huntington Playwriting Fellow Rosanna Yamagiwa, a 71-year-old who graduated Radcliffe 50 years ago and began writing plays 30 years ago, and West Medford playwright Kirsten Greenidge. The Boston theater community is thriving, and you can actually feel a movement taking place that, like the Boston comedy circuit that exploded starting in the early ’80s, has its own style and sensibility.

Read about the entire season here.

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