The Ground Floor New Play Series

Ok, you can file this under Shameless Acts of Self-Promotion…

Starting Sunday at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, plays from BU’s playwriting program will be given staged readings by some of Boston’s finest actors and actresses. Also, on Monday, South Bridge, by Ohio University MFA Candidate Reginald Edmund, will be read. I attended Ohio U. as an undergrad; it’s where I first studied acting and got bit by the theater bug really hard. It’s still a great program, and still runs the Monomoy Theater in Chatham on the Cape.

The other three playwrights are Heather Houston, Peter Floyd, and me.

Tickets are free, and you can get them here. I know it’s the end of the semester and everyone is flat out with final shows and Contemporary Drama notebooks, but if you’re interested in new works, and curious about what some of the up and coming playwrights in Boston are doing, these evenings will be well-worth your time. .

I’ve spent the past nine months watching the progression of these plays, and both Peter’s and Heather’s take on big topics with interesting structures. You can read more about Heather’s play, Supergravity and the Eleventh Dimension here. Peter’s play is called Absence and info about it will be posted later. If you’re on BPT’s list watch for it; if you’re not, why not?

If you’re curious about what I’ve been up to with my play Highland Center, Indiana, you can read more here and here.

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