What If…Theatres Took Deep Dives With Playwrights?

First, thanks and a hat tip to local playwright, Patrick Gabridge, for turning me on to this.

Second, “deep dive”?  Wait, is that like “hooking up”? I’m always a bit leery about using words and phrases that I suspect require a visit to the urban dictionary.

David Dower is the Associate Artistic Director at the Arena Stage (I’m sure Ilana knows him) and here he’s wondering what it would be like if theaters produced not just one play, but a few plays by a single playwright in a season.

It’s an interesting read and it’s also the dream of more than a few playwrights: To have an audience hear their voice loud and clear. Of course, that means you have to have a substantial body of work to pull from, but that’s just details.

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