on marnie weber

marnie weber is an artist i encountered a few months ago, roving the internet late one night… the gifts were immense and immediate. weber is an artist in the broadest of senses: she is a singer, a performance artist, a video-gal, a photographer… she uses multiple media to address the singular concern — principally, how females navigate the dark waters of adolescence. she takes her subject — the female body — and then explodes it in multiple forms.

one of the elements of great art, for me, is the distillation of contradiction and weber so precisely marries desire & shame, beauty & repulsion, childhood & horror. weber enters the home and then haunts it, or maybe the american home has always been haunted and it is only weber who illuminates the ghosts…

philip roth said, “the serious, merciless invasion of privacy is at the heart of the fiction we most highly value.” i think this is also part of weber’s project: yes, she invades but she also seduces, draws you near, if only to smack you down.

check her work out for yourself in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CC6H7-u00pM

or scroll through her website: http://www.marnieweber.com

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