Drowning Beautiful

I know class is done but just in case anyone comes to this blog like you might wander into your old classroom just to see if there are any ghosts around, here’s something that was on a BU grad student’s Facebook page (Alicia Hunt’s) that just sparked me.

The play I’m working on is called Turtles and I’m sort of swimming around in its theatrical world the same way a turtle might meander underwater. (Is it randam or is it highly selective?  Who knows!) But the feeling of these images made me think about the pacing of the play. Why? I have no idea. And I don’t want to know. That’s for the dramaturg to figure out. (And I know Ilana is going to say, why don’t you try being your own dramaturg? Am I right, Ilana?) Right now I’m only concerned with the feeling.

Anyway, check these out. If for any other reason than because it’s kind of a cool idea.

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