The Value of Fantasy vs. Reality

This article from one of my favorite sites, io9, sparked my interest. It’s not about theatre per se, but I see many connections between this discussion of literary styles and what we wrestle with daily regarding different theatrical genres.


People often charged that these works are escapism, merely a way for people to avoid reality. His response to that attitude: “In fact, the fantastical worlds that are depicted in these books are not fantasies in a psychological sense, where you can have whatever you want. These are worlds where the problems are very real and you’re encountering problems that are recognizable from the real world in a transfigured form.”

“One of the things about working with fantasy or surreal or even satirical or super-real material is you are creating a narrative in which there is never just a single reading. There’s always another level moving around below the surface….”

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kmjiang posted on October 17, 2011 at 7:31 pm

Woah… I know one of those people! How…not that surprising, actually.

Anyway, I liked this. 😀

Also, now I’m all self-conscious about the relative lack of substance of my comments. 😐

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