Dramaturgy Behind the Camera

To my mind, it’s always the work of dramaturgs to help theatres articulate the importance of the work to the public — potential audiences, members/subscribers, community, etc. Lately, I’ve been deeply interested in how video can be used in this effort (with a shout-out to Raphael Martin at SoHo Rep, whose dramaturgical FEED video blog is an inspiration)

Here’s an example of a kind of video work that can seem like it’s more akin to marketing, but is spearheaded entirely by the dramaturgy team. We had to strategize about what kinds of questions to ask, how to engage the interviewees and artists, and how to get people to think beyond “I liked it, you should see it too.”   The following was created by SOT alums (and Company One team dramaturgs) Phil Berman & Corianna Moffatt, Emerson grad (and C1 team dramaturg / Literary Director of Fresh Ink Theatre) Jessie Baxter, current CFA theatre minor Alex Schneps, and me.

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