Digital Dramaturgy Round Up

The fall semester is over, and that means that the blog authors of the last few months are moving on as well. The majority of them are even now winging their ways to various semester-abroad programs. (We hope they don’t forget us.) However, before making this blog’s between-semester hiatus official, I wanted to share links to a few of the digital dramaturgy projects created by these students.

This is the first year I asked the dramaturgy class to go largely digital, and the results have been great. In no particular order, here are some examples of dramaturgy websites & blogs created for hypothetical productions:

Edufa by Efua Sutherland, dramaturged by Antonia Lassar

Ajax in Iraq by Ellen McLaughlin, dramaturged by Jessica Wolf

The Erpingham Camp by Joe Orton, dramaturged by Arthur Siegel

Medea by Heiner Muller, dramaturged by Chloe Fuller

Medea by Charles Ludlam, dramaturged by Stuart Meyers

Hillary: A Modern Greek Tragedy With a (Somewhat) Happy Ending by Wendy Weiner, dramaturged by Joel Cote

I hope these sites add to the bank of online knowledge about these intriguing plays.

This blog will be on break for a few weeks, and will resume its life when classes resume in late January, when it will be authored by the students of the Contemporary Drama course.  See you then!


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