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Stefan Zeromski Theatre’s “In the Solitude of Cotton Fields”

In the Solitude of Cotton Fields is a piece from Stefan Zeromski Theatre in Poland.  Twenty-nine year old director Radoslaw Rychcik has adapted the 1985 play of the same name by Bernard-Marie Koltés into a fiercely contemporary production.  The story concerns two individuals who encounter each other on a road through a cotton field: a […]

Sojourn Theatre’s The Race at Georgetown University

I’ve been trying to be more in touch with political goings on lately.  In high school and freshman year of college I was good at keeping up to date but it is one of many many things that has fallen by the wayside due the time commitments of this program.  As I get ready to […]

Rogue Artists Ensemble

Rogue Artists Ensemble is this really cool company in LA.  They were mentioned in the LA Weekly Article about how ensemble based theatre is changing the LA theatre scene.  Their mission statement is as follows: Rogue Artists Ensemble is a collective of multi-disciplinary artists who create Hyper-theater, an innovative hybrid of theater traditions, puppetry, mask […]

The trend beyond the trend

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the practicality of some of the mantras I’ve developed in the last 4 years.  When I watched the Humana Festival Panel one of the topics I found the most compelling, as I mentioned in class, was the assumption that by incorporating new forms of media into the theatrical […]

The Andersen Project

The Andersen Project was certainly a unique theatrical experience.  It was so epic with so many different components that I came away with mixed feelings, but ultimately very glad I had a chance to see it.  First I want to talk about the performer himself, Yves Jacques.  In the first scene, where he shows up […]

This year is the centennial of August Strindberg’s death, and to honor his legacy there are a number of Strindberg events going on.  This past weekend Harvard hosted an August Strindberg Symposium and myself, Edmund, Britian, and Nick all attended.  Events were going on from 9am to 7pm Friday and Saturday but what we attended […]

A Movie THEN a Play?!

I  saw “The King’s Speech” in theaters and absolutely loved it.  Not only was it awesome to see vocal techniques we learn in Voice and Speech being done by Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth on the big screen, the story of a man deeply examining his inner life was also resonant with the experience of […]

“Turning Our Eyes Forward”

I remember as George W. Bush was leaving office and Obama was moving in what a wonderful sense of hope developed.  Of course it was one of the slogans he ran on, but shared, I would posit, by the majority of the country was an undercurrent of change, as the mess of a status quo […]

The Prospero Project

The Prospero Project So I initially looked into this story because of it’s subtitle on ArtsJournalDaily: “Can theatre save Europe?”  Disclaimer, the piece does not really explore that idea it’s just the clever button on the end of it, I think it is a part of a larger conversation regarding the role of culture in […]