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I’m pretty, are you?

In a world were the ‘ideal look’ is plastered every where how do we come to terms with not being ‘pretty’? Neil LaBute’s 2009 Tony nominee for best play Reasons to be Pretty addresses “How much is ‘pretty’ worth?” The Speak Easy Company current production at the BCA closes April 2.

The Greatest Break-Up Story Ever Told

Nina Paley, who wrote, directed, produced and animated Sita Sings the Blues, will be at the screening of her work at BU’s SMG Auditorium (with following discussion) on April 4th at 6pm. While not ‘theater’ it is a compilation artwork. It is already available to watch online for free here. I came across this a year or so back […]

Dance Dance

Dance Brazil is going to be at Northeastern University’s Blackman Theater, Eli Hall (360 Huntington Ave.) April 8 at 8pm. If you cant see the show I suggest checking out their teaser video on their website. Tickets are only $10 with student ID. This company has for years influnced North America’s view of Brazil’s culture. It started […]


Liver is an exhibition of Sight and Sound featuring Mia Friedman, Sojourner Hodges, John Mehrmann, Aaron Muesing and Alexa Guariglia. April first at Yes Oui Si. I have heard some of these artists before and found them a experience worth repeating. Here is a link to Yes Oui Si calander of events.

Hey, this looks cool

What do you do once your voted the Best Place to Laugh till you Cry? Why a Vanity Show of course. Improve Asylum has put together founders, current performers, alums and special guests for this ego boosting long form improv show Wednesday evenings at 8. “unscripted, unrestrained and totally unexpected.”

Rock. Rebel. Revolt.

As sad as I am that Prometheus Bound is in it’s last two weeks on April 3 at 7:30 pm at the Oberon there will be a concert to benefit Amnesty International hosted by Lea Delaria, who plays Force. It will feature the bands Reckless Place, of which Michael Cunio who plays Oceanos is the […]

The Pied Piper

I was unfamiliar with the story of the Pied Piper and found this recorded theater production from the 80’s, which consists of the entire original poem.

Buried Alive

In case your curious, people bury themselves. Some yogis bury themselves for days at a time for meditation and world peace. One such account can be read about here at India Divine. The Mythbusters have an episode featuring being buried alive, you can find the episode on Netflix watch instantly, collection 1-episode 5, or follow […]

A Study Guide for The Weir

San Jose Repertory Theatre was kind enough to compose a study guide for the Weir, I found it informative and helpful when reading the play.