You can learn more about Karen in a recent BUToday article, Office Artifacts:


You can learn about Karen as a faculty coach at Sargent College:


Karen is active in volunteer activities such as:

Karen is a Faculty-in-Residence at Boston University and resides at Student Village II.   For more info see her Faculty-in-Residence page.

Upcoming activities:

Presentations at the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) 2019 conference:

Thu, April 4th, 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Workshop 111 – (AOTA) Riley, K., & Jacobs, K.  Promoting Your Story, Your Profession, Your Distinct Value

Thu, April 4th, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Short Course 152 – Nardone, A., Jacobs, K.,  Rumrill, P., Hendricks, DJ., Minton, D., Leopold, A., Scherer, M., Elias, E., Sampson, E., Promoting Technology Use and Employment Success Among College Students With Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Fri, April 5th, 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Tech Lab 201 – Nardone, A., Jacobs, K. Rumrill, P., Hendricks, DJ., Minton, D., Leopold, A., Scherer, M., Elias, E., Sampson, E., App Use Among Undergraduate Students With TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

Fri, April 5th, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

AFW 4026 – Bahr, E., Duddy, K., Jacobs, K. The OT Practitioner as a Global Citizen.

GP 4003 – Cason, J. & Jacobs, K. AOTA Telehealth Position Paper: Key Revisions and Considerations for Practitioners

Sat, April 6th, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

AFW 7002 – Doyle, N., Gafni-Lachter, L., Duddy, K., Niemeyer, L., McKinnon, S., Phillips, J., Vaughn, L., Yinusa-Nyahkoon, L., Nastasi, J., Petersen, L., Jacobs, K. Expert Panel Discussion: Practical Strategies for Advancing Online Education in OT

CY 7012 – Calhoun, T., Gafni-Lachter, L., & Jacobs, K. Engaging With African American Youth Following Gunshot Wound Trauma

Some Past Activities:

October 27, 2018 Occupational Therapy Global Day of Service (OTGDS) www.promotingot.org


April 7, 2014: Karen presented at the ENACT State of the Science conference entitled: Promoting Activity and Participation among Persons with Arthritis in Arlington, VA.

2014 ENACT State of the Science Schedule of Events

August 3-10, 2013: People to People Ambassadors Program, Karen lead a delegation of occupational therapists to Costa Rica

August 16/17, 2013: Karen spoke to a group of Occupational Therapy enthusiasts in the Slovenian territory at the Building a Mosaic of Health and Well-Being with Occupational Therapy, a two day workshop organized by  Occupational Therapy Study Circle.   She will be speaking about PromOTing Occupational Therapy, Marketing & Entrepreneurship, & Ergonomics.
Workshop Program

September 10, 2013: Karen was the commencement speaker for Touro College’s School of Health Sciences graduation.

September 30, 2013: Karen participated in the AOTA Capital Hill Day.

October 26, 2013: Karen, Anita and Susan organized OT24VX. For more information: http://www.ot4ot.com OT4OT Facebook page; Twitter: @OT24Vx

July 10 & 11, 2013: Karen spoke at the Child Health & Ergonomics. Sri Lanka Medical Association Annual Congress; Ergonomics in School Settings. Gateway School; Integrating Ergonomics into the School Environment: A Health Promotion Approach. Ministries of Health & Education; & Telehealth & Ergonomics. National Science Foundation. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

June 1-5, 2013:  Karen spoke during The Management of Occupational Therapy Services in Israel (2 day course) at Ono Academic College in  Israel

June 4, 2013: 18 Ways to PromOTe Yourself without Really Trying (workshop at ISOT conference) in Israel and How to prOTect yourself: Work/Life Balance. Ono Academic College, Kiryat Ono, Israel.

May 12, 2013: Karen was featured in an article in The Sunday Times — Laptops are write pain for authors

April 12, 2013:  Sargent Choice Test Kitchen & Karen were featured in The Quad– Sargent Choice Test Kitchen Provides Life Skills, Healthy Dessert

February/March 2013: Karen was quoted in an article in AARP Magazine — Small Changes, Big Payoffs

March 11, 2013: Karen was featured on WBZ News discussing workplace ergonomics

February 3, 2013: Karen Jacobs spoke about her experience as founding editor of the journal, WORK on twitter (#OTalk2US).  #OTalk2US Twitter Chat Event Information

October 29-31, 2012  OT 24 Hour Virtual Exchange

October 27, 2012   Occupational Therapy Global Day of Service (OTGDS)

Celebrating the Occupational Therapy Global Family

OT Go To — Podcast Interviews

Testimony given at the MA State House