5 Clever Tricks Car Salesmen Use That You Need to be Aware Of


Purchasing a car in a complicated and involved process. For many customers, it involves months of research and planning. Approximately 48% of us spend between one and three months shopping before we a make a purchasing decision, while 83% of us conduct online research before buying a car. While after this painstaking research, you might find a deal with a shiny new vehicle, the process of finding the right car is frustrating. Consumers say that one oft their major frustrations when purchasing a car is dealing with salespeople.

Sales is an art, science, and some may even describe it as a game. The salesman’s goal is to persuade you that a product will improve the quality of your life, make daily tasks easier, save you time and money, or provide you with a handful of benefits you cannot get elsewhere.

Over the years, the car salesmen have gained somewhat of a bad reputation. Although most car salespeople are just like other workers; simply want to perform well at their jobs and make decent money, there are some car salespeople who do have a few tricks up their sleeves. Many of them are trained to coax customers into impulse buying and making customers spend a little more than they originally planned. Discover bellow a few car salesmen tricks and information on how to get the upper hand when buying a car.

2. Clever Wordplay

A lot of car salesmen use clever working to persuade you into buying a car. Rather than asking “Can I help you today?” or “How can I help you today?” the salesperson may choose to say, “Are looking for a sedan or an SUV today?” or “What type of vehicle you are planning to buy?” These questions leave little room for you to respond with, “I’m just looking around, I don’t need any help right now.”


A lot of times people who arrive at the dealership don’t know exactly the model they are going to purchase. While looking around the lot, you may spot a model you like and ask the salesperson to tell you more about it. The salesperson will highlight the car’s best features, showing the car in only the best light. He or she might say that the previously, the car “had only one owner, an elderly couple,” but he or she may not tell you that this couple hated the car for a specific reason. And when you ask about the price, you are most likely going to hear “fourteen nine, nine, nine,” as opposed to “fourteen thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars.” That makes the price sound lower in your head.

While you are at the dealership, don’t be afraid to say no to a salesperson. If you want to look around all by yourself, just ask if you may do so. Also, bring your mobile device and do your own research on the spot. If you are considering to buy a used vehicle you can visit websites like USA Auto and find out how to choose the right car or truck.

2. Paying Coy With Prices

If you hear that a car costs $27,999 it may sound like something you cannot afford. But hearing monthly payments of $400 per month may sound a bit better to you. By obscuring the real price of the car, the car salesman can make an expensive vehicle seem within reach. They can also stretch out the payments therefore getting you to spend more.


Most dealers will avoid telling you unpleasant things such as fees, trade value, and interest rate. Instead, they will focus on the monthly payment and make sure it is something you feel comfortable with. In reality, they are likely charging you too much for the loan, not giving you enough for your trade, and packing in a few additional fees to bump up their profits.

Your best defense against his tactic is preparation. Before coming to the dealership, you should know both how much you can afford to spend each month on your vehicle and how much you want to spend in total. Then, make sure to stay under both of these numbers.

3. Too-good-to-be-true Deals

A salesperson may advertise a great deal on a new vehicle. However, car salesmen reel you in with bargain prices, but they don’t mention that they only have two or three cars available at that price or that you will have to have nearly perfect credit to qualify for the most advantageous terms. This is a trick to get you in the door. Once they get you in, there is a likelihood that the skilled salesman can get you in a car even if it isn’t the one you want, instead of you walking out without one.

4. Hiding The Vehicle’s History


Car salesmen may alter car’s title to hide that it was previously salvaged. Usually, the car business can get away with this by transporting vehicles to a state where titles are recorded differently. Then, the vehicle can be sold for much more than it is worth if people realized it was wrecked or flooded. If you want to buy a used vehicle, considering visiting a website such as USA Auto, which offers a variety of reliable used cars, trucks, and SUVs.

5. Playing to Your Emotions

Some clever salespeople may make it a point to tell you how great you look driving the vehicle and even use a large mirror to show what looks like in the driver’s seat. He or she may also pay close attention to what features are important to you, and then highlight them on each vehicle thereafter. For example, if you inquire about the car’s safety, the salesperson may tell you all of the wonderful safety features the next car has to offer.

Make sure that when you examine each vehicle, you remember why you came to the dealership in the first place. Focus on the long-term benefits and remember that you are making a large purchase that involves a level of commitment. Don’t be fooled by flash.


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