2L Year = Not any easier

Sorry to say, you won’t be doing that much more drinking or socializing this year either….. but on the bright side, the vast quantities of time you spend with your head in a book will be for classes you picked, a journal you applied to and on E-Boards you campaigned for. So there, it’s all your fault now.Indiana Jones, the Lego

OCI- On Campus Interviewing= perfect example of a unique challenge presented to you by law school and which I hear is even more unique in that the rest of the country (sans the North East) doesn’t put their rising 2Ls through this pantyhose and high heel hell. It’s a month-ish long marathon of job interviews, call back interviews, overnighted rejection letters, and in some cases, preemptive rejection letters, all for the sake of one of those oh-so-sexy high-paying law firm jobs. It’s a test in fortitude and charm and for many 2Ls, myself included, OCI not working out is a blessing in disguise best summed in the observation of another law student that, ‘the first thing we lose when we go to law school, is the reason that we came.’ Spring break volunteering in New Orleans and OCI served as reminders that the starry eyed aspirations of my admissions essay had nothing to do with dolla dolla bills, but making the world a little better, not one large corporation at a time….

I actually wrote about Indiana Jones…… where that means I should apply for jobs, I don’t really know….
(Image from http://stormthebarricade.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/indiana_jones.jpg)