Dear Admitted Student(s),

I’ve gleaned a lot of wisdom about BU over the years. After all, I’ve spent 7 years, or roughly a little over a quarter of my life at BU (undergraduate + law school). There is too much wisdom to share, so I’ll try to limit myself.

1.) Weather. If you are from California, Texas, Florida or somewhere else warm and have never lived in a place that has a real winter, you need to be prepared for cold weather. It doesn’t take that long to get used to winter here, but if you’re not used to it, it can be quite a shock at first. That being said, snow days are fun…but not always when you have to make up classes.

2.) People. The people at BU Law are relaxed and chilled out. People work hard and while we’re all a little competitive on the inside (this is law school: everyone is competitive), it doesn’t show on the outside. Nobody is cutting out pages from books in the library or bragging about grades or anything else. I’ve heard a few bizarre horror stories from friends at other law schools, but none at BU.

3.) Interesting Alumni. Almost everyone on the Supreme Court has gone to Harvard or Yale. So what? David E. Kelley, creator of “The Practice,” “Ally McBeal,” “Boston Legal,” and other shows, went to BU. The Harvard Law Review had it’s first female president in 1978, its first non-white president in 1987 and its first black president in 1990 (Barack Obama).  In 1925 Clara Burrill Bruce, a black woman, became the editor-in-chief of the BU Law Review. She was the first black woman to hold the top position on a law review journal in the United States.

4.) Study-abroad, clinics, externships, etc. We have a lot of them. Too many to list. They’re all on the website. I know lots of people who have studied abroad, done a clinic or an externship (me), or a semester in practice and they have all enjoyed it a lot. One advantage of going to law school that is part of  large university is the amount of opportunities it involves. Having so many options available allows you to get practical experience and go beyond what people traditionally think of as law school.

5.) Student Affairs. We have a FANTASTIC student affairs staff. They genuinely care about students and plan so many events for us and spend a lot of their own free time attending events. They’re accessible and friendly and amazing. If you attend admitted student days or orientation, you’ll probably meet them.