Amyloid Program on NPR’s All Things Considered

Dr. Seldin and two of our patients were featured in an NPR interview last week.  You can listen to an audio of this broadcast by clicking here: Rare Disease Feature (WAER 88.3 FM)

The segment aired on February 29th and March 1st in Syracuse, New York (WAER 88.3 FM) on NPR’s flagship news program “All Things Considered.” In observance of World Rare Disease Day, the human interest story features two patients diagnosed with systemic amyloidosis – who share their experiences from diagnosis to treatment and recovery.

Both patients were treated at Boston Medical Center.  They credit their physicians for investigating abnormal tests and nonspecific symptoms, and for referring them to amyloid specialists early in the disease course. In his interview, Dr. Seldin underscores the difficulties that patients with orphan disease face, and the importance of physician awareness, early diagnosis, and research.

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