About Dept. of Medicine Podcasts

Every week, sections in the Dept. of Medicine host lectures, talks, grand rounds and presentations, all of which offer valuable information on a variety of different subjects. But with busy schedules, not everyone can attend every talk that interests them. This is where podcasting comes in.

With internet access, anyone can have access to audio or video podcasts of these events. Podcasts can be made available via several different modes, including:

  • Listen live from a website where the file is posted
  • Download file to computer for listening later
  • Upload file onto a mp3 player, like iPod
  • Subscribe to RSS feed to be notified every time a new podcast is available

Podcasting is already in use at our medical education institutions, including Harvard Medical School, BIDMC, Mayo Clinic, UCSF, Johns Hopkins, University of Michigan, and more.

For more about the Dept. of Medicine, visit our website: http://www.bumc.bu.edu/medicine/