Category: General Internal Medicine

Teaching Clinical Reasoning

Dr. Warren Hershman discusses the teaching of clinical reasoning to medical students and residents. Teaching_Clinical_Reasoning.m4a

Plasma Cell Disorders

Dr. David Seldin MD PhD discusses plasma cell disorders. Direct download: approach_to_the_patient_with_abnormal_wbc.m4a

Teaching Bayes Theorem

Dr. Mitchell Medow shows how clinical reasoning can be taught using Bayes theorem. Includes an interesting explanation of  a ‘qualitative’ approach to Bayesian reasoning. Direct Download: Bayes_theorem.m4a

Dermatology Cases: Beyond Skin Cancer

Marie-France Demierre, MD discusses some commonly seen skin conditions. Direct Download: dermatology-_beyond_skin_cancer.m4a

Can Quality in Medicine Be Defined and Measured?

Joseph D. Restuccia PhD discusses the measurement of quality in medical care. Direct Download: Can_Quality_in_Medicine_Be_Defined_and_Measured_.m4a

Leucopenia, Leucocytosis and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Adam Lerner MD discusses the abnormal white blood cell count. Direct Download: Abnormal_WBC.m4a

Management of Common Musculoskeletal Conditions in Primary Care

Beth Manning MD MPH discusses the management of common musculoskeletal conditions, with an emphasis on injections. (end of lecture is cut off). Direct Download: Joint_Injections-Manning.m4a

Voice Disorders

J. Pietr Noordzij MD from the Department of Otolaryngology discusses the evaluation of common voice disorders. Direct Download: Voice_Disorders-_Noordzig.m4a

Developing and Implementing an EBM Curriculum for Busy Residents

Chief Resident Dr. Eddy Chen discusses his work improving the EBM curriculum. Direct Download: Chen_EBM.m4a

Screening and Brief Intervention for Unhealthy Substance Use in Primary Care

Dan Alford and Rich Saitz discuss the theory and practice of SBI. Direct Download: Screening_for_substance_abuse_in_primary_care.m4a