Category: Faculty Development

Giving Effective Feedback

Speakers: Francine Montemurro and Linda Hyman Early Career Faculty Development Program August 29, 2011 Listen now.

Teaching in the Ambulatory Setting

Faculty development seminar with James Rosenzweig, MD, Ramon Bonegio, MD, and Eugene Kissin, MD. June 7, 2011 At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able to: Integrate teaching into an ambulatory practice Identify different models for teaching students, residents, and fellows Use time efficiently in a clinical setting Listen now.

Writing Grants

Emelia Benjamin, MD, ScM Early Career Faculty Development Program May 9, 2011 Listen now.

Managing Challenging Meetings

Bonnie Teitleman, LICSW and Mark Braun Monday, May 2, 2011 At the end of this activity participants will be able to: Conduct efficient meetings Integrate difficult personalities into group decisions Identify areas for improvement in their facilitation abilities PowerPoint slides Listen now.

Finding Funding

Maria Kukuruzinska and David Rosenbloom share strategies for finding research funding. Listen now.

Getting Published

Advice from journal editor, Vasan S. Ramachandran, MD. For accompanying slides, see the Early Career Faculty Development Program. Listen now.

Interviewing to Hire the Best

Chief Administrative Office Diane Holmes explains competency-based behavioral interviewing. Listen now.

A Conversation with Journal Editors

Mark Klempner and Richard Saitz describe the editorial process for publishing manuscripts. Listen now.

Negotiating Relationships

Leadership coach Ed Evarts describes how the MBTI can help with navigating work relationships. Listen now.

The Path from K to R Grants

Dr. Michael Silverstein (Pediatrics) and Dr. Matt Layne (Biochemistry) recount their paths from mentored career development awards to independent funding. Listen now