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Campaign 2012: The Massachusetts Senate race

Fred Bayles, director of the State House Program, offers his early analysis on the 2012 Massachusetts Senate race. Contact Bayles at 617-353-7736;

Is Google+ the next Facebook?

Google+ has been gaining popularity as a new social network, but will it dethrone Facebook?  According to Mina Tsay, assistant professor of communication at Boston University, the potential is there.  Tsay’s research focuses on the psychological and social effects of mass media, and the psychology of new and social media.  Contact her at 617-353-3482;

Campaign 2012: Will Rick Perry enter the race?

Speculation is strong that Texas Governor Rick Perry will announce on Sunday his intention to run for president in 2012, one day after the Iowa straw poll. Boston University professors John Carroll and Tom Whalen offer their comments on what Perry’s entry brings to the GOP field of presidential candidates. Contact Carroll at 617-353-3493;; […]

Campaign 2012: John Carroll on the Iowa straw poll

John Carroll, assistant professor of mass communication at Boston University’s College of Communication, shares his predictions on the Iowa straw poll. Contact John at 617-353-3493 or; Twitter: @johncarroll_bu Earlier posts: Tom Fiedler on the Iowa straw poll Tom Whalen on the Iowa straw poll

Thomas Whalen on site of Bill Russell statue

In response to a recent column in The Boston Herald, Thomas Whalen, associate professor of social science at Boston University and author of Dynasty’s End: Bill Russell and the 1968 – 69 World Champion Boston Celtics (Northeastern University Press), discusses why he believes a statue of Celtics legend and civil rights activist, Bill Russell, should […]

Can the Red Sox keep it going?

With the All-Star break over, all eyes in baseball are now on October. So, can the Boston Red Sox keep their season going strong?  Thomas Whalen, Associate Professor of Social Science at Boston University and author of When the Red Sox Ruled: Baseball’s First Dynasty 1912 – 1918 (Rowman & Littlefield Publishing, Inc.), offers analysis on the […]

Campaign 2012: Tom Fiedler & John Carroll on polls

In today’s installment of our “Campaign 2012” series,  Tom Fiedler, Dean of Boston University’s College of Communication, and John Carroll, an assistant professor of mass communication, share their views on whether the public should be paying attention to presidential polls. Contact Tom Fiedler at 617-353-3488,, Twitter: @BUCOMDEAN Contact John Carroll at 617-353-3493,, Twitter: […]

Campaign 2012: Is it too early to start paying attention to polls?

With a new political poll coming out every day, we decided to ask some of our “Campaign 2012” experts if people should pay attention to polls at this stage of the election cycle. Cornelius Hurley, director of the Center for Finance, Law & Policy at Boston University’s School of Law, gives his view in the […]

Campaign 2012: Key issue facing President Obama in 2012

In this installment of our “Campaign 2012” series, our experts weigh in on the issue they feel is the one that could beat President Obama in 2012. The experts are: Tom Fiedler, Dean of Boston University’s College of Communication and an expert on American politics and political reporting. He is also the former executive editor […]

Campaign 2012: Early thoughts on fundraising

In this installment of our series “Campaign 2012,” John Carroll talks about fundraising, calling it an “expectations game.” John is an assistant professor of mass communications in Boston University’s College of Communication. Contact John at 617-353-3493,, Twitter: @johncarroll_bu, Blog: Campaign Outsider