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Postcards to the Core: from Madrid, April 2018

Exciting news: We have received word back from one of our students studying abroad in Madrid! This postcard comes to us from recent Core alum Kassandra Round, who has been very missed at the Core office. Dear Core, I have been in Madrid for almost 3 months and it has been an amazing experience. I […]

An evening in celebration of David Ferry

On April 11th, an audience of forty gathered in the Katzenberg Center in the College of General Studies for a celebration of the work of David Ferry, in the form of a reading, by friends and faculty of the Core Curriculum, of works by and related to the poet. The man himself was our final […]

A Hearty Congratulations…

…to affiliates of the Core, Emanuel “Ami” Katz and Stephen Kalberg, for their promotions to full professor on our Charles River Campus! Stephen Kalberg is a prolific writer who has published a total of twelve books, and his focus is on the German social theorist Max Weber. Ami Katz is a brilliant physicist, a frequent […]

On Mice and Not Knowing

The Enlightenment was… many things. To seek to define it in one word would, perhaps, be a display of great arrogance. And of course, none of us here with the Core have anywhere near enough self-esteem to be considered arrogant. One of the definitions of Enlightenment, and perhaps the most common, is thus: the Enlightenment […]

Three Nineteenth-Century Poets on Night

Now that we’re in the thick of the semester, we’re all lacking for a full night’s sleep. Here is what three of the English Romantics had to say about the subject of night. The Sun Has Long Been Set William Wordsworth The sun has long been set, The stars are out by twos and threes, […]

Ancient Advice for a Good Life

Need some life advice? (I know I do.) Unsure about how best to handle love, longing, academics, et al.? (Yes to all of the above.) Why not ask the ancients for advice? BU’s very own Professor Varhelyi asked this final question when confronted with students’ concerns, and decided to pursue it further. In collaboration with […]

On libraries

By: Carmen Bugan           Feeling nostalgic for the Bodleian, here I turn to Charles Lamb, who wrote: What a place to be in is an old library! It seems as though all the souls of all the writers that have bequeathed their labours to these Bodleians, were reposing here, as in […]

Zadie Smith and the value of the humanities

Zadie Smith is a writer and essayist who brings with her an modern, multicultural outlook on art and expression. As Dwight Gardner writes in The New York Times: “Smith, who is English-Jamaican, has prized open in her fiction a modern, multicultural, post-post-colonial England. In addition to being devastatingly good, her novels describe the ways society […]

HuffPo Study Indicates that Reading is “In”

We here at the Core Curriculum are big fans of reading– big fans. The books we read are the foundations of our knowledge; they shape us as we grow. etc., etc. Books are important to us, is what we’re saying. So, when we saw that ol’ HuffPo had published an article on how to make […]

Winter Book Recommendations

Happy holidays, Corelings! Finals have at last come to an end, and now we have surfaced the ocean of studies and stress. Planes, trains, and cars are rapidly arriving to whisk us back home (for those of us returning home for winter break), and–oh no. You’ve forgotten to purchase gifts for your beau, your belle, […]