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Truth in Theatre

This week, Time Out New York & the Public Theater sponsored a panel on the post-Mike-Daisey question of Truth in Theatre, moderated by Adam Feldman. Panelists inlcluded: writer-director Steven Cosson of the Civilians (This Beautiful City), playwright-performers Jessica Blank (The Exonerated) and Taylor Mac (The Young Ladies of…), and critic-reporters Peter Marks (Washington Post) and […]

Why Experiential/Immersive Theatre?

We figured it out. You’re welcome.

Why I Really Want to be a Part of Gob Squad’s Kitchen, or: Why I Shouldn’t be Picked for Gob Squad’s Kitchen

Shows that involve audience participation are so exciting to me, because whenever I see a theatre piece, at least part of me wishes I was performing in it instead of sitting in the audience. My enjoyment of theatre is almost always slightly colored by the inescapable jealousy I feel toward the performers. Though I think […]

The Mike Daisey Conundrum

Over the past week, Mike Daisey’s critically heralded monologe, The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs (TATESJ), has had a change of fortune, and has prompted a backlash in both the theatre and journalism worlds. (Full disclosure, Mike is a friend, and watching this unfold has been rough.) The barest attempt at a backstory […]

“Women in Downtown Theater: Producing Your Own Work”

Last Sunday Young Jean Lee organized a panel discussion at the Brooklyn Museum about women in downtown theatre and how they get their own work done. Unfortunately, my bus didn’t get in to New York until the discussion was well on its way, but I did receive audio of it and now am kicking myself even harder […]

“Who do you think you are to be immune from tragedy?”

Since the start of the semester I have realized that being a “Lady Director” (as I prefer to call it) is not a path without battles. I mean, no profession in the arts is, but this path is one covered in all types of land mines that no one has set off yet. This past […]

Throwing Tennis Balls and Pushing Boundaries

Director Daniel Fish, and an ensemble of 5 actors, are producing a piece at Chocolate Factory in Long Island City, Queens. The piece is based on audio recordings of the late and highly popular David Foster Wallace. I was drawn to this article because it seems very similar to the production of Gob Squad’s The […]

More Thoughts on Writing for Film, TV and the Stage

Last night, I arrived back to NJ and while sitting by the TV with my Mom, she urged me to watch Lars and the Real Girl with her.  I agreed to watch the movie, and as it began, I thought immediately of our conversation on Friday morning.  My mom kept commenting on how much she […]

Different Approaches to Filming the Phantom

The debate over whether or not theatrical events should be filmed has been explored here in the past, but I’d like to bring back the topic, since I now have a bit of first-hand experience. Two weeks ago, I saw a screening of Love Never Dies, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s much derided sequel to Phantom of […]

Secret Lives Behind Bars

Recently on the outskirts of London, artist Mark Storor produced an installation play called A TENDER SUBJECT. This site specific piece takes place in a prison, and shows intimacy between gay male prisoners. I found it intrigue how displaying “tender” or intimate moments between two gay  men, that was not merely sexual, upended the notion that […]

This year is the centennial of August Strindberg’s death, and to honor his legacy there are a number of Strindberg events going on.  This past weekend Harvard hosted an August Strindberg Symposium and myself, Edmund, Britian, and Nick all attended.  Events were going on from 9am to 7pm Friday and Saturday but what we attended […]

Broadway Backwards

Have you guys ever heard of this?- Broadway Backwards is a charity show that is put together by Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights Aids. It is a night where Broadway stars perform a number of songs, but they sing roles traditionally sung by the opposite gender, and have women singing love songs to other women, and […]

CARRIE: Finding the Natural in the Supernatural.

Every since my senior project for musical theatre class in highschool, I have been obsessed with the CARRIE the musical. The music is horribly wonderful. I mean if you’ve seen the movie, you already know about the pig’s blood that gets dumped, so imagine that moment theatrical on stage. Incredible. Unfortunately just because the movie’s […]

The Artist- The Outlaw

This week in particular I’ve been struggling with the how to articulate more specifically the work I am interested in, and exploring how its relevant to society. These thoughts triggered a larger question for me concerning how art is relevant today. As an artist I of course believe that art is necessary for all communities, […]


This past summer, I was lucky enough to land an internship at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center, one of the foremost developmental theatre companies in the country. I could write for days about how amazing my experience was, but I want to talk about a specific play. As an intern in the literary office, I […]

Peeping Tom from Belgium!

When put to the test to figure out what theatrical companies are resonating with me right now, my mind automatically goes to Europe (I wish mind and body always traveled together…)  More specifically, I think of one of the companies I have both worked with and seen in performance: Peeping Tom. Talk about awesome!!!  The […]

50 Faggots

After having read Sonia’s post, and while in the process of mourning the end of Execution of Justice, I am reminded of the work I did in Chicago this past summer.  For two weeks, I worked on a documentary series called 50 Faggots: How Gay Do You Want To Be Today? Here is how my […]

Facing the Reality of Sexism in Playwriting

When US researcher Emily Glassberg Sands sent out identical scripts to theatres in the US in 2009, half with a male name and half with a female name, she found that those believed to have been written by women were rated significantly worse by artistic directors and literary managers than those written by men. This […]

Pre-Peter Pan

This show sounds really exciting to me, and I wanted to share it with you guys. Peter and the Star Catcher has its Broadway premier at The Brooks Atkinson Theatre next month. It is a prequel to J.M. Barrie’s novel “Peter and Wendy,” and tells the story of how Peter met Captain Hook and became […]

What plays are featured?

I was just checking out Ilana’s segment on the round table discusion ( — about 30 minutes in) and it made me really think about mission statements. That was talked about by a lot of the other speakers, but we all know Ilana, so lets watch her, ok? I had always thought about mission statements […]