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I came into the semester fresh off a surgery I’d been waiting two years for. My recovery was not the slow, beautiful process I had wanted it to be. When BU told us to stay home, I was actually relieved. I was so tired of running around with my three healing incisions and a newly settled tendon. Also, if you have ever had your armpit cut open, you know that it’s kind of terrifying to take care of. (PS, if you have had your armpit cut open, please comment on this post, we should talk. I have some really great and very specific memes about it).

It’s Month 3. I have a lot of range of motion back, I can lift a little over two pounds with my right arm, can carry a bottle of water without flinching. There are some motions I still won’t get back for another seven months. But at three months is when I start to get building up the arm again instead of just protecting it.

So, my major self-care activity has been working out. Since I’m not running around campus, jerking my arm about and unable to really take it slow like I needed to, I don’t have as much post-op pain, let alone chronic pain. I don’t have to base my whole day around how my shoulder feels when I wake up. I can actually set a workout schedule for myself, because the days where I wake up and know It’s Going to Be A Bad Day are few and far between. And because I’m not in pain when I work out, I don’t feel scared or sad about my injury as often. I work out every day on FaceTime with one of my best friends, so it’s also time I get to share with another person. 

I am in the least pain that I’ve been in for the last two and a half years. It feels amazing. There was so much tension I was carrying at school. Our campus isn’t exactly accessible for people who are injured, have chronic pain, or have a disability. When my shoulder hurt, which was often, I was quick to snap, short-tempered, easily disappointed and aggravated. I feel like I have been able to let all that go. I can fully concentrate on the situation at hand without that 10% of my brain devoted to being distressed about my shoulder pain. Even as the world grows more disconnected, I find that I am more connected than ever to the beauties of daily life.

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Laurene Cianciulli posted on September 2, 2020 at 8:57 pm

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