Tom Batson is excited to begin his second year as a Marsh Associate for the 2017-2018 academic year. Tom studies Piano Performance and English in the College of Fine Arts and the College of Arts and Sciences and is the co-leader of MOVE, the Marsh Organization for Volunteer Engagement. Tom and his family recently moved to San Diego from Orange County, California as his father began ministry at Foothills United Methodist Church. In his free time, Tom enjoys writing for the Daily Free Press, volunteering in camping ministry, and playing golf.

Born and raised in Miami, FL, Oelmis “Emi” Fermin is a CAS Junior majoring in Middle Eastern & North African Studies. He is interested in interfaith dialogue and community engagement. As a Muslim, he volunteers with the BU siblings program. He enjoys reading, watching movies, listening to music, and anything sports related.

Devin Harvin is a junior in the college of arts and sciences studying political science, history and African American studies. Originally from Baltimore, MD, Devin is excited to continue to call Boston his second home and learn more from Boston University. At Marsh Chapel, Devin is an intern who focuses on finding his spiritual discernment and finding ways to give back to the community. The son of a Bishop, Devin was born and raised in the church and since coming to BU has only developed his relationship with God more. Devin enjoys music and delicacies of simplicity. He believes in the power of the collective. 

Maritt Nowak is a senior in CAS and Frederick S. Pardee School School of Global Studies majoring in International Relations with a minor in Religion. Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Maritt can be found most exuberant during a Cardinals baseball or Blues hockey game, but she has adopted the Red Sox as a home-away-from-home team and embraces any opportunity to sing Sweet Caroline during the 8th inning at Fenway. At Marsh, she works with Jessica Chicka, the Chaplain for International Students to promote interfaith engagement and opportunities for meditation with events like Global Stress Relief Day. She comes from a Catholic background, but spends her time between interdenominational Christian worship and the study of Islam. She hopes to convert when her heart is fully ready, insha’Allah. Outside academics, Maritt loves traveling, music, her dogs, and all things William Shakespeare. She hopes to bring as many faith traditions as possible to the table so that she and other students can learn from each other and expand their perceptions of God, the universe and our human encounters of both.

Phoebe Oler is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Biology with a specialization in Behavioral Biology. She grew up in Greenwich, CT, but went to Wallingford, CT for her high school years to attend Choate Rosemary Hall. At Marsh Chapel, Phoebe facilitates Global Dinner Club and works with Br. Larry to organize a biannual study retreat of mindfulness and achievement. She will also be working with Br. Larry and the Albert & Jessie Danielson Institute on campus learning about pastoral counseling and assisting with conference planning. Phoebe loves music and dance, the outdoors, good conversation, dogs, and smiles.

Nick Rodriguez is an undergraduate student at Boston University studying computer engineering. When he is not invested in his personal passion for technology education and how technology can be used to benefit society, he loves reading and thinking about personal meaning, faith, and spirituality in multiple contexts. He enjoys reading theology, philosophy of religion, psychology of religion, and books on technology and computer engineering. A current intern at Marsh Chapel, Nick hopes to discover new and exciting ways to use his passions to the benefit of others in ministry and education. Nick is also passionate about his religious identity in Christianity, and is Vice-President of EpiscopalBU and President of SojournBU, two of the Christian groups in Boston University’s religious life. A former student advisor for Boston University Orientation in the college of engineering, he enjoys hearing the different stories his fellow terriers are telling with their lives. He hopes to continue working with the different inclusive cultural and religious communities in Boston University and in education.

Denise-Nicole Stone is a junior in CAS, majoring in International Relations. From Pittsburgh, PA, Denise-Nicole grew up actively involved in the Western Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church. At Marsh Chapel, she works with fellow Marsh Associates to create opportunities for members of the Marsh and BU community to engage in service, such as M.O.V.E ( Marsh Organization for Volunteer Engagement). Denise enjoys baseball, new books, new music and conversations about all the possibilities for the world and the church.

Savannah Wu is an undergraduate student in CAS majoring in architectural studies with a minor in sustainable energy. At Marsh Chapel, she is planning to work with Chaplain for International Students Jessica Chicka on projects related to the intersection between faith and sustainability. A Protestant from Taipei, Taiwan, she is passionate about climate change resiliency and anything related to design. She enjoys exploring cities, listening to jazz music, and practicing Shotokan Karate.