Week One: Thinking about God/Humanity

It’s been an interesting and unusual time in everyone’s lives. There’s so much uncertainty and the fear of the unknown is present in many people’s minds. At the beginning of this quarantine/social distancing journey, I had these feelings of uncertainty, and definitely a fear of the unknown. So many questions ran through my head. Will I ever get to physically walk across that stage to receive a diploma? Will I get the job in research that I want so much? Is my mom’s job secure? Are my family in other states safe? I was stressed and panicked because I could not easily attain answers to all of  these questions. However, I have seen God in ways I did not expect to necessarily.

I have seen God give strength to those patients bravely fighting coronavirus in America’s medical centers.

I have seen God give strength to all of the healthcare, grocery, and researchers that are working so hard in a time that is so uncertain.

I have seen God give strength to my fellow seniors and classmates, where we did not see this coming just a couple months ago.

I have learned to see God in the smallest, most simple things, and I have seen the good of humanity in ways I never thought possible.  I have seen people love each other and support each other in ways I have never seen before. Have I seen the awful parts of humanity with  hate towards other humans? Yes. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I saw the bad in some people. However, in the past month and a half almost I have seen more people filled with God’s love and loving others the way we are told to. God is everywhere.. in the virtual Sunday church services, the zoom meetings and classes, and even in howling wind on a gloomy day. God is in the hospitals, bringing many people healing in a time when such a thing is a blessing, even a miracle.  Even in this crisis, when it seems like everything is at a loss; loss of financial security, loss of commencements, loss of togetherness, loss of life, what we simply cannot lose is a loss of faith in the Lord. Perhaps now more than ever, we need the Lord to guide us through this time, to make us feel a little less alone, to heal the sick, to take the pain this pandemic has caused so many away.

What have I learned about humanity, and even more importantly, God’s strength? I’ve learned more than I could have ever imagined. We will come out of this different people than we were at the beginning of the year, forever changed. However with God by our side, we will always be strong. God will always be with us.

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