Welcome EK132 students

Tomorrow starts a new EK131/132 cycle, with a renewed cohort of freshmen starting their exploration of “Bio-Aerial Locomotion”. Welcome new students!

To start, you probably want to find out more about what this course is about. You’ll find that in my Welcome to “Bio-aerial Locomotion” blog post. You’ll notice that it says that you will be an author in this blog. In fact, your name is already listed in the Authors page.

During this course, you’ll get the chance to author a minimum of two articles in this blog. They should be brief posts, with embedded graphics or media, on a topic of your choosing related to the course material. You are lucky in that the previous group of students has left a rich set of examples and inspiration! They have also left some suggestions for this course—including the idea that we should have a couple of graded quizzes in class, to encourage learning the material. You can thank them for this change!

Other guidelines for your blog assignments:

  1. The post should not veer off on an unrelated topic; it should make some link with the course content in terms of the biological manifestations of falling, parachuting, gliding and flying.
  2. The BU academic conduct code should be followed. Observation of plagiarism rules particularly apply. This means that direct quotes from any source must be properly attributed and marked with quotes (and be pertinent to a point).
  3. The blog is of course public. So don’t plagiarize, as your honor is on the line!

Note that all lectures from the previous running of this course are available to watch on iTunes U. We will add to this media collection when we cover some new material.

Again, welcome! and I hope you like this course.