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Silence is Golden, Thanks to the Owl

Biologists have discovered several different reasons for which owls are able to fly in silence. The specific shape of the wing and the feathers have a lot to do with the cancellation of noise.   The serrated edges on the front of the owls wing help in channeling air smoothly over the wings, which reduces […]

Pros and Cons of the Avian Skeletal System

Over the course of millions of years, birds have evolved a particularly unique skeletal system among the animal world.   Naturally, much of the difference between mammalian and avian skeletal systems arises due to most birds’ capability of flight.  Granted, flight is a highly advanced evolutionary adaptation; however, birds sacrifice a good deal to achieve it.  […]

The Wright Flyer’s warping wings

It is well known that the first powered and piloted flight of an aircraft was performed by two brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright. These two brothers designed a glider-based aircraft that was powered by a 4-stroke engine. The design also had a 32-foot wingspan and weighed about 700 pounds. This aircraft came to be known […]

A Bird’s Breath

To humans, Avian flight can seem to be a simple, effortless, freeing experience. Birds seem to flap effortlessly to great heights before they coast and find a thermal, staying aloft for hours at a time. As we know, this is far from the case. The flight of a bird is extremely complex in many respects, […]

The REAL Reason why Ostriches Can’t Fly

Many think that the main reason as to why ostriches cannot fly is because of their massive weight; this is true. However, the mass extinction of the dinosaur population also heavily contributes to why the ostrich remains flightless. When dinosaurs ruled the world, their large body size, accompanied with rapid mating techniques, took up most […]