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Inspired by the common swift, Roboswift was designed at the Delft University of Technology and Wageningen University in the Netherlands. The swift is one of the most efficient flyers in nature because of its ability to shift its wings by folding feathers over one another. This allows the swift to adapt to changes in flight […]

Morphing Wings

One of the differences between man-made aircrafts and birds is the morphology of their respective wings. A Boeing-747 has stiff metal wings that barely change shape. Using the knowledge of wing surface area, other aircrafts were built with varying wing spans to accommodate ideal flying speeds and weights. However, birds can create their own ideal […]

The fastest animal on Earth “The Peregrine Falcon”

Though the peregrine falcon is described as the fastest animal on Earth, it is not the fastest when in its level flight which is only in the range 40 to 55 mph but in fact, when in its hunting dive. Experiments done have demonstrated that the diving speed of the peregrine falcon exceeds 200 mph. […]