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Internal Adaptation for the Tree Lizard

So far in this class we have talked about many external adaptations in animals for flight. However the Neon Blue-Tailed Tree Lizard shows that animals can adapt internally as well to help them take to the skies. The Holaspis guentheri, or the Neon Blue-Tailed Tree Lizard, hails from a large area in Africa, where its […]

The Flying Lizard

The agamid genus Draco, also known as the Flying Lizard, is a gliding animal. Within Southeast Asia, there are many different species of Draco, but they all have the same physical adaptation of a patagium. A patagium is an extension of extra skin from the body that acts as a wing for gliding animals. What […]

Falling: “The tale of the gecko”

When falling, geckos are able to right themselves turning their body in mid-air, and always land safely on their feet. It is fascinating to watch the slow-motion videos of the lizard dropping from a belly-up position, then using a swing of the tail to turn around into a skydiving posture. Even more fascinating is to […]