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Ancestors of Birds Had Four Wings

We have looked at the final solutions so far of nature and flight. However, they had to have a beginning somewhere. There were two theories about how flight evolved around the time of dinosaurs. The first was that flight evolved from dinosaurs running very fast, and then eventually became more and more aerodynamic, and finally […]

Internal Adaptation for the Tree Lizard

So far in this class we have talked about many external adaptations in animals for flight. However the Neon Blue-Tailed Tree Lizard shows that animals can adapt internally as well to help them take to the skies. The Holaspis guentheri, or the Neon Blue-Tailed Tree Lizard, hails from a large area in Africa, where its […]

Ballooning With the Stegodyphus Spider

This spider is a little guy, and that is the only reason his mode of transport works. When the Stegodyphus wants to move long distances it takes to the wind. It will raise its tail in the air and release a large amount of threads in the air. After it has released enough the wind […]