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Nature’s Original Fliers

Before any bird ever took flight, a different kind of creature ruled the sky. Pterosaurs, evolving 220 million years ago and a contemporary of the dinosaur, were among nature’s first fliers. They ranged in size from modern-day pigeons to “small airplane[s]”, the largest weighing up to a quarter ton. When they were on the ground […]

The Pterosaur

Pterosaurs were flying reptiles that existed from 220 to 65 million years ago. Pterosaurs are believed to be the earliest vertebrates to have achieved powered flight. What makes this truly amazing is that some species of pterosaurs were as large as giraffes, with a wingspan of about 12 meters. Pterosaurs achieved flight, not on bird-like […]

Welcome to “Bio-aerial Locomotion”

This is the blog of the engineering freshman seminar course titled “Bio-Aerial Locomotion”, taught by Prof. Lorena Barba at Boston University. This course is one of several options of the Introduction to Engineering series (EK 131/132) at the College of Engineering. The course aims to motivate the subject of bio-inspired engineering, characterized by seeking examples […]