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The Pterosaur

Pterosaurs were flying reptiles that existed from 220 to 65 million years ago. Pterosaurs are believed to be the earliest vertebrates to have achieved powered flight. What makes this truly amazing is that some species of pterosaurs were as large as giraffes, with a wingspan of about 12 meters. Pterosaurs achieved flight, not on bird-like […]

Are hummingbirds just insects with feathers?

While hummingbirds are, of course, birds, which make up the Trochilidae family, their aerodynamic characteristics have been more closely attributed to insects.  Not only can the hummingbird hover indefinitely, in midair, it also makes up the only group of birds that possess the ability to fly backwards.  The humming bird, therefore, takes flapping flight to […]

Gliding Vine Seeds

Alsomitra macrocarpa, known as the Alsomitra vine or the Javan cucumber is “a type of climbing gourd.” The vine is found mainly in the forests of Java, Indonesia.  Where it grows truly remarkable seeds by the hundreds in “football-sized pods.” What makes these seeds so remarkable is the fact that they are virtually aerodynamically perfect […]