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Bats – the only flying mammals

Bats are the only mammals which have attained powered, flapping flights. Though bats fly, their anatomy are more closely related to humans than to birds. To be able to understand how bats fly, we must first consider the anatomy of their wings. Bat wings are highly articulated, with more than two dozen independent joints and […]

The fastest animal on Earth “The Peregrine Falcon”

Though the peregrine falcon is described as the fastest animal on Earth, it is not the fastest when in its level flight which is only in the range 40 to 55 mph but in fact, when in its hunting dive. Experiments done have demonstrated that the diving speed of the peregrine falcon exceeds 200 mph. […]

The “Flying Squirrel”

Though they are called “flying squirrels”, they actually don’t fly but glide. There are 43 known species of flying squirrels in the world. For example, the Northern Flying Squirrel which has a total length from 23 to 35.6 cm weighs from 100 to 167 g at adulthood. Observations taken have shown that it can glide a distance up to 30.8 […]