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Fly Like a… Bar-Headed Goose?

Have you ever seen a movie where birds are flying directly next to an airplane? Probably, but obviously in the real world, it could never happen. However, there are some birds that do fly above those nimbus clouds. The bar-headed goose. Magnificent and graceful, these geese migrate over Mount Everest every winter. Mount Everest capped […]

Driving “Above” The Influence

Ever wonder if the Jetsons were the only ones with flying cars? Wouldn’t it be nice to escape the two dimensional world of traffic? The Jetsons had many many “highways” of cars going in every direction. Well, we might not be able to reach the potential yet, but there are developments striving to this goal. […]

Bees Can Fly?

This question might seem one of the most absurd, but it is one that has baffled scientists for over 70 years. In 1934, a French entomologist, one who studies insects, August Magnan and his assistant calculated that a bee was physically incapable of flying. Aerodynamically that is. But bees fly everyday! So, this question has […]