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Solving the Mystery of the V

When you look up in the sky you just may happen to see a group of birds flying ┬áin a V formation. But have you ever wondered why they do this? Its not because the “Mighty Ducks” told them to stick together or because it is just a random coincidence, it actually has a purpose. […]

Spying with Nature

The concept of a self propelling, romote controlled vehicle that would have to ability to fly through windows and spy on enemies has always been considered science fiction. They have been seen in movies such as James Bond or Transformers but now, scientists are figuring out ways to make these vehicles reality. These devices are […]

Flying Squid

The scientific community has come to realize that there now may be another animal in nature that can control its movement while airborne; the squid. There are up to six species of squid that have been observed in nature to posses the ability to launch themselves around 2 meters high out of the water and […]