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Golden eagle droppings

We’ve all seen Eagle’s hunt, but the Golden eagle has a special hunting tactic. It uses this thing called gravity to create dinner out of some unlikely, and unlucky prey. The Golden Eagle has been known to take turtles and baby goats and drop them from heights in order to instantly kill them. By time […]

Evolution of Mammalian Flight

As previously stated, bats are the only mammals truly capable of flight. But why is this? Of all the species of mammals, why is it that only the Order Chiroptera can achieve flight? And how did such an extraordinary adaptation come to be? Well…the answer is…we really are not sure. But there is evidence that […]

Top Gun

A problem with aircraft, primarily jet fighters, is that when executing a fast turn, the wings are put under extreme forces. This force, known as G’s is the aircraft’s acceleration compared to its free-fall. To elaborate 1 G is a person sitting down at sea lavel. An F-16 fighter can pull about 9 G’s at […]

Robots in Disguise

Cornell University has recently been working on perfecting the replication of insect flying techniques in robots.  While not a new idea, their approach uses new technology to make the process of creating the robot less time-consuming and faulty.  The wings of the rob-insect were created using a 3-D printer in order to achieve the optimal wing shape […]