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Robotic Bat Biomimicry

Micro-aerial vehicles (MAVs) are small flyers that have become a point of interest due to their potential use as maneuverable stealth devices.  A recent project of some researchers at two universities may have developed an amazing new spy device based on the biomimicry of bats.  One of the main researches by the name of Gheorghe […]

Penguins Can’t Fly?

It is well known that the penguin is a very unique type of bird that lacks the ability to fly.  Many scientists believe that they are descendents of very early types of birds, and that they were forced to adapt to living in the water in order to survive.  Thus, their “wings” that were once […]

The Flying Mobula Ray

When it comes to sea dwelling animals, many people picture these creatures submerged in water all of the time.  However, could it be possible for them to fly? In the case of the Mobula Ray, the answer is yes.  This 17 foot long flat bodied ray, weighing over a ton, has the ability to launch […]