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A Kettle of Bald Eagles

The Bald Eagle, which was taken off of the Endangered Species list in 2007, is an amazing representation of power over time. Up from about 400 breeding pairs, the Bald Eagle now has over 9700 pairs throughout North America and is continuing to grow. An eagle mates for life, or the life of their mate, […]

The Common Murre!

Yet another animal who can’t decide between the water and the sky, the Common Murre is a part of the Alcide family which contains two main species of birds (Common Murre and Thick Billed Murre). This penguin-like flyer lives in the cooler northern regions of both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, although the Atlantic population […]

The Flying Fish!

Resident of both sea an sky, the Flying Fish is often seen gliding above the water and maneuvering away from predators with ease. The term “Flying Fish” is a broad nickname for the Exocoetidae family which contains over 40 different species of flying fish. These species can be seperated, roughly, into two different groups – […]